Stonehenge – Salisbury Day Trip

15 pounds for a day trip to these two places?! WHY NOT? 😀

15th March. We embarked on yet another day trip to another part of South-west UK. As the spring warms us up with its bright and lovely sun, first thought we had upon alighting at Stonehenge:


Let me (us) take a selfie.



So many more places to explore!!! #challengeacceptedImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

No harm trying right?!?!


Overly windy.


And so that marks the end of our half-day trip at Stonehenge. Next stop, Salisbury:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

welcome back to ma place:)


I so wanna do this soon: Lying in the sun, absorbing the warmth, leaning back and reading a book, or just enjoying the warmth in this chily rainy country.


St Bernard!!


2pounds (i know its expensive) icecream wheeeeeeeeImageImage

And so we strated on our mini amateurish photoshoot 😛


The choice we made was a good one. Never regretted any moment of the trip, although it was sad that Yuan, Nat and Marina pulled out, while others were just not interested. Initially I thought it would be a l’il boring to go with only Malcolm…but it turned out fine. And YueMing came too 🙂 I guess any getaway is just fun and interesting no matter what and no matter with who, as long as you are there to have fun. Intriguing and fun as it is, this just reminds me to be really thankful to God and mommy dear for giving me this opportunity to be here.



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