Sudden Food for Thought

Monday morning, after a crazy weekend of activities, it’s back to school for us INTO students. While getting ready for school, I tuned into BBC radio, and a food for thought was the topic for the morning:

What would you want your loved ones to do for your funeral?

Many may shirk away from this topic upon hearing this. Many will react saying, ‘Why would you even think of death?’. Some may think ‘Are you okay?’… Funerals are naturally associated to death. But what is there to be taboo-ed about? Death is a natural way of life, ironically. There’s no saying when any of us will die. Many people are busy avoiding it, finding no point to think about the ‘after-math’.

Well, that brought me to reflect. What would I want people to do for my funeral? Given my age and lack of maturity, I could only think of what I would want my loved ones to do if I died young. If I died young, …

Okay no no, I was just kidding I dont want to be buried in roses. Singapore has not enough land I’ll only get to be cremated along with the others. No thanks. I’d prefer to be buried, but since it’s not possible in our land-scarce island, I’d opt for me to be cremated, but not be kept in an urn. I’d like my ashes to continue my aspiration to travel to as many places as possible around the world. So I’d like to be scattered into the breeze. Not the sea, because I’m afraid of deep waters. The wind please.

It would be nice if my funeral were held not so solemnly, possibly not with everyone standing emotionally by the rocks while my mom scatters my ashes away. Nope, I’d like for everyone to be enjoying a picnic, maybe laughter and fun would be too much, but just have a good last meal with me before I am gone for good. I’d want to present farewell gifts to every of my loved ones, a special picture of us. So that on and off, they’d remember the good times we had, the bad times we shared, the tears we shed. I hope that no one will have any hard feelings against any wrongdoings I’ve done towards them… the last meal will just be a last farewell.

Obviously, this all may seem immature and childish to some of you. But that’s me for now. And hey, I only started pondering about this less than 12hours ago. But yes, that’s my perception of how my death should be regarded. No one should be overly upset, because death is just a way of life, and though people come and go, I hope that my sincerity and genuineness will forever be in the hearts of my loved ones. That’s all I ask for:)


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