I’m sure that everyone has had their numerous encounters pertaining to ego, be it their own or related parties. Pride is part of human nature. It is what motivates us, what encourages us to continue on. It is linked to many aspects of our lives, be it in work life, family, or love.

I, for one, would say that I have tried putting down my pride from time to time to save my relationships with friends and loved ones. I’ve bowed my head down to superiors in times of blunder, admitting to my faults, and doing my best to learn from it. To gain something new, or to save something precious, at the expense of letting go of my pride.

I’ve randomly chanced upon this topic with a pal. Just in his early 20s, he shared that he would be willing to put down his pride to salvage things with his loved ones because they are worth more than his pride. It hit me strongly. Just a while back, I had countless encounters with another older friend, who, would come to conflict with various issues due to his refusal to let go of his pride. Those issues were never resolved, unless I put down my pride. One day, we ended up parting ways. No longer friends. It just brings me to wonder: Is pride closely linked to how relationships would prevail? How many of us would be willing to put down our pride just to preserve our relationships? Is one’s age inversely-related with one’s ability to put down one’s pride?


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