Nights like these are inevitable. Nights where all sorts of feelings come flooding back. Feelings about the past, the present and the future. Woes which I have once had and worried over, the ones which I have been worrying over so much I thought I couldn’t worry any further, returned, and continue to haunt me once more. I know, it’s pointless to keep hovering over such thoughts. If it really is a problem, it would only be logical to go about doing something about it instead of fretting over it. Yet, it’s hard to block off such thoughts from time to time. Furthermore, there are some things which you just can’t do anything about because you still lack the ability to.

Then again, it’s such nights that put you into reflection, drawing you back to ground zero, to reflect and to contemplate on the present: how you can improve what you should do right now; and to look towards the future: what you are striving towards, what you could possibly face in the near future. It also brings you back, forcing you to turn your head around to look into your past and learn from it.


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