Road Trip: Types of Road Trippers

Yes, first paper’s tomorrow. Yet, here I am posting. But it can’t be helped if my mind wanders off and away from the boredom of chunks and chapters of words.

Looking back into my first proper road trip exactly a month ago, a group of classmates and I decided to venture up and about the South-Western part of GB (Great Britain). Mode of transport? Car, of course! I’m sure many of you did dream of road-trips, inspired either by the experiences shared by friends around you, or by movies such as Hangover or in HIMYM (How I met your Mother). So what exactly do road trips involve? Long journeys that will test your endurance with your mates – will there be hours of awkwardness, or hours of fun? Enjoying of picturesque scenery – you will be surprised what you get to see, be it natural or unnatural. Of course, in-car snacks.

So, different types of people react to road trips differently. And so far, my road trips did comprise of these few types (do tell me if I missed out any more types):

#1: Navigators –

This is the very important person you have to have, or else your fuel and time will run out without your group actually covering much distance. Navigators are largely responsible and forward looking people, checking out routes to take to their intended destinations, navigating journeys. Sure, GPS and Google Maps are handy, but nothing beats a Navigator to help oversee any parallel links which the electronic helpers might cease to mention. They will also look out for any traffic, road users, traffic cameras, cops, etc. You know you’re more or less safe in the hands of these people.

#2: Sleeper –

The moment they step into the convertible, you don’t really see their pupils much (unless they are sleeping with their eyes open) until you make a pitstop or unless the journey ends. Alternatively, they are not literally sleeping, but they just keep themselves entertained throughout the journey, listening to their own music, reading a book, or playing some iPad games. These people are generally quiet, and drivers will especially appreciate them if they are unable to stand too much noise and disruption when driving. They are easy to keep, as you do not have to entertain them.

#3: Entertainer –

They can come up with all sorts of ideas, what to do in the car, playlists prepared to sing your hearts out, in-car games i.e. yelling out whenever you spot a BMW, constant conversation flow, interesting scene/scenery ‘alerts’ i.e. horses by the roadside, etc.

#4: Caretaker –

These people ensure everyone, especially the driver, are well-attended to. They constantly offer an array of food and water. You will never feel hungry or thirsty as long as they are there. If someone at the back feels cold, they will turn down the air conditioning. If the music is too loud, they will turn it down.


Our Special travel companion



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