Roadtrip Around Cornwall and Devon

Yes, and I seem to have a newfound love for road trips ever since I’ve come to the UK. Maybe its the vast geographic extent this country has relative to mine, together with the lovely turquoise blue card now most of my friends possess: our driving license (Thats the colour of the ones in Singapore), and of course the amount of unknown out there, but roadtrips are definitely for adventure-seekers and travel-buffs.

So once again, my second and recent road trip was a day-trip down the southwestern coast of Cornwall. We covered Land’s End, Sennen Cove, St Ives and Dartmoor National Park. It was just a couple of friends, bored from being the last few ones left here for the summer, while many others have left for home. So, road trip, why not? 🙂

Being a little more experienced in road trips, I do have a few suggestions which people interested to go for one could look out for, especially for those travelling the roads of UK:

#1: Know your routes to a certain extent. Roadtrips are usually to the greater unknown, and it is important to be prepared to face the confusion from possible road diversions, confusing junctions, and (in the UK) the millions of roundabouts !!!! [Alright, I think I will post about it in a short while.] It is more ideal if you have someone to keep an eye on the map for the driver, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, a Navigator is important. But do not fully rely on them, as you drivers also have to be alert on your part 🙂

#2: Caution Caution Caution. Not just the small towns, even in bigger ones such as Bath and Bristol, roads can be really steep, windy and narrow. Ensure you’re ready to step on your brakes anytime. Not only cars, but also cyclists and sometimes pedestrians may share the same roads as you. To add on, huge buses, lorries and tractors contribute to the list too. So do keep your eye on such roads 🙂

#3: Friends to bring. This may sound really mean, but some friends could hinder your roadtrip. They may be fun, noisy and loud, and bring entertainment to anyone. However, just be sure that you can stand their noisyness, which may cause a bit of disturbance or confusion when you’re driving. Roadtrips are meant to be fun, but it wont be if it causes any mayhem 😦

As I’ve said, do not be too uptight if you don’t go your intended routes, there may be unexpected stopovers, or unintended detours. Nevertheless, if you’re going on one, just ensure there’s a balance of fun and safety! 😀

Before I end, some pictures of my recent roadtrip:

Land's End
Land’s End
Fish and Chips Lunch at First n Last Inn, Land's End
Fish and Chips Lunch at First n Last Inn, Land’s End
Sennen Beach
Sennen Beach
Unexpected Icecream Stopover overlooking the coast somewhere near St Ives
Unexpected Icecream Stopover overlooking the coast somewhere near St Ives
Staple Tor - The top of Dartmoor National Park
Staple Tor – The top of Dartmoor National Park

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