Roundabouts in the UK

Special shoutout for the beloved roundabouts (my bestfriends #sarcasmintended) — NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF CONFUSION these entities encompass. Which exits to take, which exits NOT to take, you have to be really careful. Well, we used GoogleMaps to navigate our way so it may not be as accurate (I haven’t tried the alternative – GPS – much), and it really can be confusing if you’re not careful enough and turn into two adjoining but yet different exits Just remember to check what is the next motorway/highway/freeway you are going onto(A30? A355?) or the direction you are heading towards (Honiton? Okehampton?) and I’m sure it wont be too much of a problem. Remember to look right and wait for no or little oncoming cars before turning out (signalling right at that point of time*Note: Advice only for go-by-the-book roadusers*) and then switching lanes if necessary and signalling left at the same time when you are approaching your intended exit of the roundabout. And that’s about it.

Alright, I’m putting up this post because I’m really quite amazed by the roundabouts here. really, a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. There’s even a “Roundabout Appreciation Society“. Check it out. If not, I’ll just give you a few details about it – it’s this society in the UK where people have an interest in the traffic roundabouts. I’m really not kidding. It’s really amazing when I first chanced upon this video during a movie screening.

We Love Roundabouts (It’s about 4 minutes long)

Alright, time to turn in. Goodnight everyone!


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  1. kutukamus says:

    Some roundabout community? Never heard of it. Too bad my lousy connection won’t allow me to check it out on youtube. But it’s one of a kind, really. 🙂

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