Road Trip: How to prepare

And so, aside from the types of roadtrippers, here’s the golden question: what should we prepare when going on a road trip? Although I’ve only done one proper road trip, here’s some amateurish advice I can provide:

1) Ample Rest –

For drivers, co-drivers or navigators, it is essential to get ample rest to ensure you have the energy and concentration required to last through the whole duration of the trip. Late nights before from researching and packing could be inevitable, but do try to be as alert as possible. Things to look out for on the roads: road signs, traffic directions, traffic cameras, other road users. This is especially important when on foreign roads as you may not know the practice of locals.

2) Research –

Of course, do have a vague idea of where you are going if you do not have an intended/fixed destination. Road trips tend to turn out not according to plan, possibly due to congestions, detours, unexpected discoveries(pretty little roadside coffeehouse), unintended pitstops(toilet breaks or beautiful scenery). Also, it would be good to know what to watch out for – speed limits, parking charges, etc.

3) Food –

Stock up on in-car snacks like chips, chocolates, sweets and water to hydrate yourselves.

4) Other essentials –

Blankets to cover yourselves if it gets cold, make-shift bins to throw your wrappers, tissue because you never know when you will need it, pillows and cushions for those who want to sleep or enjoy a more comfortable long journey, sunglasses and sunshades as the sun can be scorching and bright at times.

5) Comfortable clothes –

Get one thing straight: You’re not going to do a catwalk in the car. Dress comfortably as tight skirts and heavy accessories will not do you much good in long journeys. Heels will not be necessary too.

6) Playlist/Games/Entertainment –

These will usually be covered by the Entertainers. Road trips are meant to be enjoyed. So make full use of what you have, long journeys do not have to be boring, fill it up with your creativity! (Ted and Marshall always played 500miles during road-trips; my friends and I played our SIngapore national songs – Mahjula SIngapura and Home – and sang horrendously to them). Come up with food-for-thought topics to engage everyone in deep thoughts.

7) Camera –

Of course, you never know when you will need it. Cute ponies by the roadside, beautiful sunsets, etc.

That’s the list I can think for now.


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