Easter in Germany : Berlin

Next stop: Berlin. So, as the erratic weather of strong gales and showery rain and hail, we trudged through our Berlin experience, visiting the various landmarks and enjoying the recommended delicacies.

1) Tourist Information Centre
A good starting point, i must say, especially if you’re doing independent travelling (without a tour group, only some personal research, not staying in a hotel and in need of a map and some local advice). This is located in the Central (Hautbahnhof) station. If i’m not wrong, there are a couple of branches around Berlin


A budget traveller, cheap food was our priority as usual. It really is quite value-for-money in the expensive lands of Deustchland. We heeded some of our source’s advice ( Uncornered Market ).

Street food such as currywurst, burgers, doners, pizza tend to be the top choices.
Doners are found anywhere and they are about 3.50euros-4.50euros average for a doner; burgers and pizzas are usually available there too.
Curry 36 is ideal too [U-Bahn: Mehringdamm. Price: CHEAP (1.60-1.80euros for a currywurst alacarte, 3-4euros for currywurst with fries)]

You could also check out this for additional advice. Of course, these are just a few of the many you can find online.

But what Z and I did was, we bought groceries, and cooked at our lovely airbnb whenever we can.

3) Free Walking Tour
As usual, this is really a good way to get a brief overview of the city and its history, and be aware of the locations of the various landmarks in a matter of 2-3 hours. We took the Original Berlin Tours , as there were so many to choose from and we werent sure which. I would say it’s good to go for both the Concentration Camp tour (we didn’t have time for that), and the original city tour. Of course, you’d have to have valid train tickets to follow the tour (if i ain’t mistaken).

4) Landmarks
a) The Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, The Dom, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Builing…etc.
All these are covered in the walking tour, and you can go back to spend more time in each of these areas. A must to at least go to these places, I’d say.

2015-04-01 13.50.21
Brandenburg Gate

b) East Side Gallery (a more positive depiction of the Berlin Wall)
very worth for instagram-fanatics or photography-lovers, this has all sorts of artistic graffiti depicting the artists’ personal/unique opinions of World war, and even of current issues. Just one more picture to give you a brief insight on how it looks like, as there’s really so much for you to personally see and experience.

oh, a word of advice: Try to alight at Ostbahnhof station instead of Warschauer stasse station, as it could allow you to end up going towards and having a proper view of the Watergate Bridge of Berlin.
c) Watergate Bridge Berlin
A bridge that’s just on-the-way as you are around the East Side Gallery area. Not sure of it’s history though. There is a club there too, an it has been mentioned by a number of sites.

Of course, there are many things that we did not manage to cover, given the short amount of time we have, and as we did not have much personal interest in some places such as museums. Given the vast amount of resources on Google, I’m sure most of you will be as overwhelmed as I am when you’re doing your share of research. So here’s a map (it’s at the bottom of the page, downloadable) of the tourist attractions , though of course, it may not be 100% comprehensive.

5) Lodging
Lodging-wise, if you’re up for some mingling, youth hostels are a good option, though I can’t share much on this; the only youth hostel i stayed in was in Cologne. Airbnbs are a good option too, we found a number that range from 20-30pounds a night. Locationwise, it’s best to choose near to a train station, preferably within Zone A, or B. You will need to travel via public transport (mostly S-bahn or U-bahn) anyway.

2015-04-01 07.53.14

6) Transport
As I have mentioned in my Hamburg post, compare with full – day or multi-day or group passes where availabl. Public transport IS essential in Berlin. Otherwise, you can rent bikes for 10euros a day; its relatively cyclist-friendly in Germany.

So, that being said, we left Berlin for Frankfurt by coach due to the cheaper rates.


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