Paris for (Food) Lovers on a Budget

Food Stop #1: Au P’tit Grec (Sweet and Savoury Crepes)

2015-09-09 17.03.40
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Our first food stop for the hungry souls was Au P’tit Grec along Rue Mouffetard. The store owners/staff were friendly and English speakers, given their endless streams of foreign and local customers queuing for their signature crepes.



Food Stop #2: French Boulangerie (Bakery) for breakfast (Pastries, Bread, etc)
2015-09-10 10.29.21.jpg2015-09-10 10.27.11.jpgOur Airbnb was located in the 3rd Arrondissement (district) of Paris. In the morning, all we needed to do was step out of our apartment and we were greeted by freshly baked aroma from bakeries all around the area: Paris has no lack of such fantastic boulangerie. For me, I settled on a really huge baguette for breakfast.

Food Stop #3: De Clercq (Fries and other Fast-food)


Our lunch stop was near the Pantheon along a street called Rue Saint-Jacques. Our choice was once again affirmed by the long queues filled with both local workers and foreigners. This time the customer  service was more curt. Nevertheless, for the price and the food, we’d just close one eye to that. We settled down in front of the Pantheon together with the rest of the sun-enjoyers, basking in the last few weeks of summer rays whilst enjoying our luncheon.

Food Stop #4: Ice cream up atop the Eiffel20150910_181705.jpg

I’d strongly suggest for those with less stamina to be prepared for the long climb up the Eiffel, even if it’s just up to Level 1. After the long climb, I happily comforted myself with some icecream, quenching my thirst at the same time.

Food stop #5: L’eclair de Genie (Eclairs, Pastries)20150910_222545.jpg20150910_200219.jpg

I’d strongly recommend indulging in eclairs in Paris, and if you like, L’eclair de genie is one of the many choices. We went to Lafayette’s branch to simultaneously visit and immerse in the aristocratic atmosphere.

Food Stop #6: Pho 14 (Vietnamese Food, Pho Noodles)2015-09-11 12.21.44.jpg2015-09-11 11.55.03.jpg2015-09-11 12.02.10.jpg

Our last meal in paris brought us to indulge in a little pricier meal at above 10euros per person. For Pho lovers, this is a place to go. There are a number of Vietnamese stalls along with this one, so you’d have to choose which you’d like to have a go at. For us, we chose Pho 14: the food was good, staff were courteous enough, and we got to sit by the window and experience a more ‘local’ Vietnamese feel.



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