Austria Part I: Salzburg in Two days

Last Christmas, we chose Austria as our holiday destination. This time as a group of five, we decided to book for our flights to Salzburg, and then back from Vienna. We chose Norweigian Airlines, flying at £30 per pax one-way from London to Salzburg in mid-December 2015.

Our first encounter with a local: a taxi driver who brought us from our airport to our hostel, brings me something I’d like all tourists to take note on taxis around Salzburg. Beware of taxi drivers as they may try to take a longer way, thinking you may not be aware of the extra amount you will be paying (we had Google maps on and he took the longer way instead).  But on the other hand, we did have a really warm and friendly encounter with a taxi driver at the end of our stay at Salzburg. The driver was coincidentally the co-owner of Edelweiss Tours. He was really hospitable, giving us a brief overview of each buildings we passed through on our way to our car rental company. So for those who do not paying a little more for a guided tour around Salzburg or a personalised cabbie, do check out Edelweiss Tours.

That aside, we come to our main focus: what the city of Salzburg entails. Tranquility was what we experienced as we stepped into the city that’s known for the Sound of Music phenomenon.  The beautiful town that has the river cutting the town in half, it is a walkable city, but to cover all the sites, together with photo taking, I’d recommend at least 4 hours for that. We followed the guided maps offered on the free walking tours sites, that actually cover the route in approximately 2-3hours. For budget travellers who would like an insight into the city, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Free Walking Tours. For those who haven’t, I highly recommend it.

More importantly, it would be good if you have a bit of information on each attraction spot as you walk through them in order to understand the significance of each site as there are a number of sites which are mostly cliche: they are either overly touristy or no longer exist. Fortunately, we went during the Christmas market period, and so the Mozartplatz was filled with Christmas vibrancy as shops sold eggnog and churros and whatnots.


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Food-wise, our hostel recommended the Die Weisse. I would highly recommend the place if you’re looking for some local delicacies, although it is more for mid-range spenders as we spent around 22 euros for our food and 2 rounds of beer. We spent our lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Nagano along Griesgasse the next day because we just missed asian food so much. Our sashimi-loving friends spent around 20euros pp and I just spent around 15euros pp. However, for a cheaper option, there is a cheaper All-You-can-eat option right next door called the Yuen restaurant @ around 11euros pp for lunch hours.


(All prices/details are dated December 2015)
Accommodation: Yoho Hostel@approx 20euros pp
Average meal cost: approx 18euro pp
Airport Transfer (two-way): approx 10euro pp
Must-see Places: Sound of Music Sites (Mirabell Gardens), the streets of Aldstadt (Old Town) Salzburg, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse street

I would highly recommend a longer stay for maybe 3D2N in Salzburg in order to explore all of the sites (including the ones we skipped e.g. Kapuzeinerberg), and longer for those intending to use Salzburg as a base to explore other surrounding towns such as Wolfsgang and Hallstatt.


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