Camping, Caravans & Cotswolds

One of the surprises I had for my beau involved renting a car down from Birmingham to Cotswolds region. Full of small towns sprawled across the region, it is an ideal romantic retreat back to Old England. For just £24 for 2 days from Europcar, we headed southwards via the M5. After a couple of hours, we finally turned into the narrower roads with flat greens all about and farmlands and houses sprawled all about, to our Airbnb: a Caravan (£85). Had we known, we would have stayed longer than 1 night. The caravan was amazingly well-furnished with peaceful surroundings. It would be splendid if we woke up to the sunrise. However, we unfortunately met with a cloudy sunrise instead.
20160116_135931.jpg20160116_135128.jpg20160116_180819.jpg20160116_181232.jpg So, all about Cotswolds, there were popular destinations such as Stow-on-the-wold, Bourton-on-the-water, Broadway and Chipping Camden. We spent most of our time at the 2nd town, enjoying the silent and calm stream, filled with hungry ducks and excited families and tourists. There were many tea houses around and we settled in one, having their light lunch and scones.


20160116_145808.jpg20160116_153400.jpgIdeal for families, couples or even friends looking to explore quaint little towns similar to Stratford-upon-Avon.


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