London for Foodies

Based in a relatively more unknown town called Exeter, the vast variety of food is the main reason why I would visit London.

Food Stop #1: Bateaux London Cruises (£35 3-course dining & cruise along River Thames) 20160325_122053.jpg 20160325_141048.jpg20160325_13111720160325_13334920160325_135305

We spent our 2-hour lunch along the River Thames, enjoying the 2-course delicacies and the view of the straits of London simultaneously. This has to be booked in advance.

Food Stop 2: Kanada-Ya (£13 Chashu Ramen)


With a number of branches around London such as at Picadilly Circus and Tottenham Court, and other competitor Ramen chains, you’d never lack Ramen options.

Food Stop 3: Goldmine (£19 Cantonese food & Famous Roast Duck)


Having had this craving for the past few months, I finally satisfied my taste buds for the all-time favourite Roast duck at Goldmine. Sure enough, there’s the Roast duck at Four Seasons, another competitor restaurant a few stores down the road of Bayswater, but I always end up in the former option.

Food Stop 4: London’s bakery (£1.10 per egg tart, polo charsiew bun, BBQ charsiew bun)Snapchat-8282617602934159200.jpg

Very particular over the quality of eggtarts due to my Cantonese tastebuds, this was one of the eggtarts that suited my personal taste buds, with the skin as soft and crunchy, together with a balanced, non-too-sweet egg middle. It was one of the best I’ve tasted in the UK (London and Birmingham) so far.



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