Still in Love with Florence

Of all the places I’ve been to, Florence is definitely one of my top favourite cities. I love the peacefulness of the city, strangely with a sense of warmth, and the beautiful scenery the Tuscan region and river offers.

Easter 2014, as my birthday present, my parents funded for my 10-day trip to Italy. Together with my group of friends, we ventured Southwards from Venice for a day, stopping over at Pisa for another, then continuing on to Florence for three days, and to Rome for another four days.

As someone who appreciates picturesque sights rather than museums or shopping, I fell in love with Florence. My friends and I got ourselves an Airbnb a little further from town for just 55pounds a night for 4 pax, and we never regretted getting the amazing mansionette. I’d really recommend this homely and modern loft to anyone who wouldn’t mind a 40minutes walk (definitely faster by public transport) to the city centre. We almost didn’t want to leave the place, with its amazing living room, and huge and spacious kitchen.

2014-04-16 19.17.51.jpg
My friends at work with the knives and pans


2014-04-16 20.20.12.jpg
Whipping up some homecooked pasta and susages, with ingredients bought from a nearby supermarket.

Nevertheless, we did drag ourselves out for sightseeing. Below were some of the common sights we saw whilst exploring the city (don’t mind the lousy quality), experiencing both the richer and posh parts of town, with a fair share of the more historic parts. I would recommend cycling around town if you are staying for less than 2 days in Florence. It’s possible and the roads are quite wide and flat. Also, I strongly recommend hanging around the riverside in order to catch the sunset. It’s really beautiful. 2014-04-18 16.05.01.jpg2014-04-17 11.22.18.jpg2014-04-17 11.06.16.jpg2014-04-17 12.06.44.jpg2014-04-17 16.26.09.jpg2014-04-17 19.55.27.jpg

Day 2, we heeded our Airbnb host’s advice and took up bus uphill to Fiesole for a day trip. Fiesole is a town on top of a hill that’s right next to the city centre that overlooks it. We visited the Monastry of San Franscesco, hiked up and ventured into the less tourist populated parts of Fiesole and took in the breathtaking views Fiesole offered from several different spots.

10258822_10152046869251283_3570078541877278927_o (1).jpg

Taking in the view from a housing area.
View from just in front of the Monastry

20140418_140848.jpg2014-04-18 14.08.45.jpg

After spending about 6 hours here (as we were taking our time to take pictures and explore the housing areas of Fiesole), we headed back down, exploring the city centre a little more, before heading up to MichelAngelo. I’d definitely not want to miss this out, although you’d require a bus to go up (as we were on a budget and walked around Florence throughout, except when going to Fiesole and MichelAngelo).

2014-04-18 17.55.55.jpg2014-04-18 17.31.27.jpg

2014-04-18 17.40.31.jpg

To be fair, I’d say that this is a closer view of the city of Florence as compared to from Fiesole. Nevertheless I’d still highly recommend making a day trip there if you have the time to, and bring some packed lunch too if you’re saving money. So that evening, we spent almost 3 hours searching for food in our area as it was really late by the time we wrapped up on our sightseeing for Florence.


2014-04-18 21.57.06.jpg

The next day, we ate at a bakery located right in front of the Airbnb. I’d highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth too. It’s pastries are reasonably priced and tasty (especially its custard pastries)!2014-04-19 09.46.14.jpg

I left Florence still lovestruck by the picturesque beauty within the city, the fabulous airbnb and definitely the fun-filled company. I’d definitely recommend this city, and especially for those who can drive, to venture out into the Tuscan suburbs and enjoy or even stay in an airbnb out in the green countryside.





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